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"Timeless CrossFit & Fitness is a diverse community of backgrounds, abilities, and skills. Come experience that sense of an all-inclusive community that surrounds us." ~ MC


I spent 17 years in Human Resources Management with specialties in Immigration Law, Worker’s Compensation, Recruitment, and from there into the investment industry. I then decided to shift gears, aftre 3 children and obtained my NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) certifications. I had found my passion and the rewards were priceless in changing lives around me!  One day in the summer of 2011, I walked into a local CrossFit box not knowing anything about it.  I went in scared, but curious. By the time class was done, I had a complete transformation of feelings from fear to feeling of, “this is my home and what an amazing community of people”!  I’ve always believed that “Can’t Is Not An Option” so I joined CrossFit that day, went for my Level One CrossFit certification and began coaching right away.  As a coach and as an athlete I’m passionate about ensuring that each and every athlete executes movements properly and safely, but always specific to their personal needs and abilities.  I coach with the intention that every athlete comes into the “box” for one hour and for many different reasons and different needs.  I don’t know what they face outside the box walls, so I’ve pledged to always make that one hour the best part of their day, both mentally and physically always giving as much one on one attention possible.  The real gift of CrossFit is how it affects athletes in their everyday lives in so many positive ways.  As their leader, their coach, and an athlete in this amazing Timeless community, I try to prepare our athletes for the “unknown” and show them that they can really do anything if they just believe, and then the magic happens.  your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Mary Catherine Alexander, “MC

Timeless CrossFit and Fitness

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CF Masters Qualifier

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Weightlifting

Movement Fix Mobility

CPR, AED American Heart Association

National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM

  • Personal Trainer; specialties in:  Special Populations, Seniors, Pre-natal, Youth, Core-Balance, Speed Training

MMA Conditioning Specialist

  • Boxing

Athletics and Fitness Association of America, AFAA

  • Group Fitness

  • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise

  • Group Power, Group Step, Body Pump

  • P90X Live Certified Coach

“Can’t Is Not An Option”

Peter Marano


I started CrossFit in the Spring of 2014.  My wife had been involved in CrossFit for about a year and encouraged me to try it.  I am currently a school superintendent, and my job can be very stressful, so I needed something to keep me healthy and deal with stress.  After my first class, I felt that this was the right program for me.  I have always been involved in physical activity, regular workout routines, weightlifting, and martial arts.  But CrossFit offered varied workouts with high intensity and a family atmosphere.   Very quickly, I found myself in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally.  Coaching CrossFit Strike allows me to work in CrossFit workouts with striking movements to provide a great functional experience.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Striking Certification

  • AED/CPR Certification

Christian Macleod


Engineer by day, CrossFit junkie by night. For my professional, career-based life, I work sitting at a desk designing, integrating, and fielding aircraft armor and other protection systems for the US military and NATO allies. However, as one can imagine, sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day is PAINFUL not only for the average Joe but explicitly for an active, athletic person.  Randomly one day, a work colleague and very good friend of mine, on a whim, said, “Hey man, come try a Crossfit class with me. Timeless CrossFit is just down the street.” The rest unraveled fast. Timeless killed off the stereotypical stigma associated with the general, non-informed perception of Crossfit, and immediately in the care of MC and her FANTASTIC team, I felt at home and more steadfast and driven on my fitness journey than I have ever been prior. Crossfit is the magic fix that gives me the serenity needed to sit down and focus on other aspects of life (work, personal, stress, happiness, sadness, etc.). Mentally and physically, the ability to apply the functional, transferrable skills and movements at Crossfit has helped me break past old barriers with running, snowboarding, soccer, and simple everyday life. I joined in 2018 and shortly thereafter went and got my L1. Timeless is my home away from home and, in a very real way, an extension of my family. I want nothing more than to share everything I have learned and love about this FANTASTIC sport with the world.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • AED/CPR Certification

Ryann Holloway


I teach a variety of strength and cycle classes at Timeless CrossFit & Fitness. I combine my love for music with innovative programs for all athletic levels. When you step into one of my classes, you can expect structured formats with supportive energy and personalized motivation. I’ve been instructing for over twenty years and have a background in dance, acrobatics, and athletics. I am also a professional business consultant and live in Norfolk, MA, with my family.

  • AFAA Group Fitness Certification

  • ASFA® Ballet Barre Certified Instructor 

  • AAI/ISMA Cycle Certification

  • PIYO LIVE Certified Instructor

  • P90X LIVE Certified Coach

  • AED/CPR Certification

  • YOGA Certification

Kyler Jesanis


I started CrossFit at Timeless at the beginning of 2019. As someone who played sports year-round, I thrived on the community, inspiration, support, and accountability team sports provided me. I was never able to replicate that in my fitness journey before CrossFit. 
When I joined Timeless, I immediately fell in love with the community. Because of it, I have become the healthiest and happiest I have ever been, and I continue working to make that statement more authentic every day. 
My "day job" is as a college admission counselor for my alma mater, Roger Williams University. I love my job because I primarily help set up students for success and put them in a place where they can thrive and better themselves. I decided to become a CrossFit coach to channel that passion into more areas of my life.
I love coaching, with my favorite piece being that I get to meet people and support them on their journeys. It doesn't matter where you are in your life and fitness journey; the community at Timeless will greet you with open arms. You will stay for the fun you have and the people you build connections with along the way, and you will be surprised with how much holistic growth you achieve through your time here. 

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification

  • AED/CPR Certification



I found CrossFit during high school in 2011 and haven’t stopped since. I love the intensity of the workouts and the strong community.

I was a student-athlete throughout high school and college until I suffered a torn ACL and had to stop and focus on my studies. I earned my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I now work in Sales for a Robotics company.

CrossFit has been a huge part of my life, and I look forward to getting to the gym after a long day at work. CrossFit gives me that competitiveness that I crave.

It wasn’t until I joined Timeless that I focused on eating correctly and “fueling” my workouts. As a result, my fitness has improved significantly, and I take my health more seriously. In addition, the competitiveness and camaraderie at Timeless have made the journey amazing and super fun!

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • AED/CPR Certification

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I have been active my entire life, playing sports from childhood and all the way through college. Softball, volleyball, ice hockey, rugby, mud races, you name it, and I was doing it.

I did not start CrossFit until the summer of 2016 after seeing an ad on Facebook about the New You Challenge, a 30-day beginner program for CrossFit and nutritional guidance.
After one week of classes, I was hooked (and really sore). Because of work schedules and life in general, I had never been able to dedicate the time I wanted to my training. Four years and three different gyms later, I found my motivation while on deployment to Texas with the Army National Guard in a CrossFit gym in the community.

In one year, my health got better, I gained so much confidence and hit PR milestones I never would have dreamed possible. My coaches encouraged me to get my Level 1 Certification because they saw my passion for CrossFit and my leadership potential.

Coming back to Massachusetts, I needed to find that “home” feeling I had and needed to thrive. I am proud to call Timeless CrossFit & Fitness that place and am honored to now be a part of the amazing coaching staff. Timeless is not just another gym; it’s a family and a place to be yourself.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • AED/CPR Certification

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jARRED rickey


I started CrossFit at Timeless in 2019. I have spent most of my adult life weightlifting at traditional gyms, but eventually, my progress plateaued. I found Timeless by doing a simple Google search of gyms in the Franklin area. After the on-ramp training and my first week of classes, I was hooked. The coaches and athletes here provide an incredible community of encouragement and support. Group fitness has motivated me to take my personal fitness to new levels. My first year impacted me so much that I wanted to learn more about the CrossFit training methodology and give back to what this amazing community had given me. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, see Coach MC, and let’s get started. I look forward to meeting you, and remember, here at Timeless, Can’t is Not an Option.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

  • AED/CPR Certification

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