Timeless CrossFit and Fitness is so excited to offer nutrition programs along with your fitness needs to help improve your lifestyle!  Our nutrition programs are customized to your individual lifestyle. Choose the program that fits best with your goals and get started making positive life changes! Programs consist of individual consultation sessions with Registered Dietitian Megan McCarthy.

For more information or to schedule your FREE initial nutrition consult to get started please fill out the form below.

Healthy Lifestyles Nutrition Program:

In our first program, we’ll focus on setting nutrition goals, general nutrition education, grocery store tips, meal preparation, and much more. You will receive a meal planning guide and recipe ideas, plus support and accountability as you work towards your goals.

Program Options:

1 – 1 hour Individual Consult: $60

3 – 1 hour Individual Consults: $180

6 – 1 hour Individual Consults: $300

9 – 1 hour Individual Consults:  $499

Performance Nutrition Program:

The Performance nutrition program is designed for just that – optimizing your performance in workouts.  We’ll focus on macronutrient tracking designed to improve how you perform when you’re in the gym. You will receive a meal planning guide and a pre/post workout nutrition guide. Your macros will be specific to you and you will learn how to track and plan your meals to achieve balance.

Program Options:

3-1 hour Individual Consults: $210

6-1 hour Individual Consults: $399

9-1 hour Individual Consults: $599

Individual Macronutrient Prescription

A custom meal plan tailored to your macros complete with measurements, time suggestions, and nutrient-dense food options to alternate between meals to maintain variety. The meal plan is designed to fit with your specific lifestyle and goals.

Price: $50
30 Minute- Initial Consultation and assessment
30 Minute- Follow-up to review macro’s

This Option is for someone who is able to track their food independently.
You will all receive a meal plan with measurements and suggestions on nutrient dense food, and more.

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