What is Timeless Kids?                               

Our Timeless Kids Program allows children to benefit from the same principles of fitness as adults do. Children need to be taught about nutrition and the importance of moving and exercising their bodies so as to become fit and it also builds confidence and self-esteem. Our Timeless Kids Program welcomes children of all fitness levels and all inclusive. We offer integrated programs for children.  We have ages 7-10, and 11-14.  We welcome children of all abilities. We will build on your child’s strengths and focus on improving all other areas.  Our classes are structured and provide an opportunity for children to explore exercise with visual and written prompts as well as demonstration. We focus on mastering techniques and building self-confidence. Timeless Kids is a community of children who strive to be their best at whatever sport they love and the sport of fitness.

The Extra Benefits of CrossFit and Functional Fitness

In addition to the physical benefits gained through CrossFit, your children will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, practice teamwork, make friends, and build confidence and integrity.  Most importantly, we want to show the kids that fitness and CrossFit especially is so fun!  

Kids – 7-10

Timeless Kids teaches all the foundational movements of CrossFit and fitness, beginning with no weights before slowly introducing weighted movements into the workouts. The 45 minute class begins with a warm up, followed by skill work. After the skill work, the class will complete the workout of the day (WOD) using the movement developed on in class. The class wraps up with mobility work and nutritional suggestions.

Youth Strength and Conditioning

Our Youth Strength and Conditioning Program teaches boys and girls ages 11-14 the importance of mobility and flexibility as a key factor in moving well in both sports and life. We train the technical skills and basic lifts allowing the proper amount of time to master the foundational movements.  Understanding and learning body control through a full range of motion with basic bodyweight movements like push-ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups and planks is key to building a successful progression.  Strength conditioning, explosive power, speed and agility are all incorporated into our program while always keeping that focus on proper warm-up and cool down.   

Team Training Programs

In addition to programs designed for youth of all ages, we also offer programs tailored to specific teams.  These programs are custom designed for athletes as part of teams including lacrosse, basketball, hockey, softball, football, track, and others.  We tailor our training and class times to insure we’re able to address the specific strength and flexibility focus along with sport specific training drills, skills, and strength gains.

Pricing for these programs can be obtained by contacting us 

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