Child watch

First 1 Hour – FREE 
Over 1Hour, $5.00 hourly there after per child

Maximum of 6 children per hour for Child Care


  1. You MUST reserve a spot 24 hours in advance of service needed by contacting the front desk
  2. Cancellations MUST be given verbally to the front desk, a minimum of 2 hours before reserved time.
  3. No Show or Cancellations made less than 2 hours before reserved time will be an automatic $5.00 Charge (per child) to your account, no exceptions.
  4. NO food allowed in Child Watch due to possible food allergies.
  5. Juice & Water is allowed in a closed cup or plastic bottle that is labeled with your child’s name.
  6. Parents are responsible when notified to immediately change diapers or bring children to the bathroom.
  7. We appreciate your understanding.  We want your child to experience a happy and healthy environment while with us

Thank you

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