About Us

About Us

Timeless CrossFit and Fitness is all about Community.  There are so many amazing benefits to be had by working together in a group setting.  Together our coaches and community of athletes encourage one another to push limits and create life time friendships.  By surrounding yourself with others working towards a common goal you push yourself further than you could have ever imagined.  You begin to allow your competitive nature work its magic during your workout and a little competition never hurt anyone!  

Our motto is “Can’t Is Not An Option”

One of my favorite aspects of Timeless CrossFit and Fitness is the level of accountability and depth of community.  Every time you show up, you know that you are going to be held accountable for the workout and will need to post your time, reps, and weights on the leaderboard.  You are being cheered on until the last rep by fellow members.  Our support system is so strong that it’s that form of support that sticks with you and never goes away!


We have over 2,300 square feet, all new state of the art Rogue Equipment, great bathroom/shower facilities, a lounge/hangout area, an on-site Sports & Wellness Physical Therapy Recovery Room, Massage Therapy, Child watch, a full Fitness Studio on the second level, packed with cutting edge classes.  We offer Cycle, Power Yoga, HIIT/Tabata, Kettlebell, Pure Strength, and more. We have opened a 2nd NEW Fitness Studio with Barre, Cardio, Bootcamp, TRX, Pound, and more! We run a specialized Women’s FIT Boxing Program that packs a punch for all fitness levels.  Outside we have a brand new Rogue outdoor Rig and lifting area along with a large back yard for functional training. Timeless CrossFit has open gym time when members are unable to make it to a class.  We offer functional training for obstacle course racing, personal training services, specialized small group training, sports conditioning training, and CrossFit Kids for ages 4-13 years of age.  Timeless has an exceptional Nutritional Department run by a Licensed Registered Dietitian who works with all populations and specializes in creating individualized lifestyle plans and goal setting to ensure success in both health and wellness.

The Experience

Timeless CrossFit and Fitness is amazing for more reasons than I can explain.  Part of what makes our Timeless community so unique is that combines the young, the masters, and the middle aged.  We have people who have served/are serving in the military, we have professional and collegiate athletes, we have business owners, teachers, doctors, bartenders, coaches, firefighters, police, nurses, moms, dads, grandparents, and more new and different people every day. You always learn something new, whether it be a different way of looking at the third pull of the snatch, or that you have more in common with a fellow member than just loving CrossFit.

Finally, the awesomeness of the community is all about respect. We respect what we have here, respect each other, respect that everyone starts from a different place and that the path to wellness is an individual process. Respect the ways of the gym, whether that is showing up to class on time, listening and understanding the nature of the workout, or knowing your weights and scores and putting them on the board. Understanding that Can’t Is Not An Option and putting trust in our Coaches to show you that you are much stronger than you think in a safe and empowering way.

CrossFit has been called “The Sport of Fitness” because it re-introduces personal athletic achievement and performance to training.  The mindset at the start of each workout is to be stronger, move a bit faster, more efficiently, maintain good form, and have fun!  One of the things that make CrossFit so unique is that it addresses the fact that the fitness needs of the “average Joe” are identical to that of a top athlete.  The only difference is intensity which is your speed, weights, and volume.  The best results happen when training includes functional fitness mirroring our real life movements, at high intensity and with constantly varied.

Timeless CrossFit and Fitness means something different to each member who walks through the door and that is why it is and will always be Timeless.

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