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This 60 minute class is a party on and off the bike! An addictive full body workout, Bike’R’Barre is complete with rhythmic cycle leg work and in & out of the saddle routines that are all expertly timed with music. Our Bike’R’Barre class finishes with focused strength work pulled right from our CrossBarre line up. It’s heart pumping from start to stop! We guarantee you will get a full mind and body experience from this one-of-a-kind workout. Only at Timeless Crossfit & Fitness! 
At Timeless CrossFit and Fitness your health and wellness is our number one priority.   Results that can be measured is where your change really happens.  The basic scale does not tell the whole story.  At Timeless we believe your  Body Composition analysis is essential to completely understand health and weight as traditional methods of assessing health, such as BMI, can be misleading.  The InBody Body Composition Analyzer shows you what your body is really made of. 

Our InBody Body Composition analyzes and provides your lean mass and fat mass values in each segment of the body to give your a proper assessment of your body composition.  All on an easy-to-understand Result Sheet.   Our Registered Dietitian will sit with you and explain your personal results to help you understand where your fat, muscle, and body levels are at and act as a guide to help you achieve your personal goals and consistently track your progress.  You might want to shed a few unwanted pounds, possibly a complete body transformation.  wanting to eliminating certain medications, or just want to feel better in life; we are here to help you succeed!    




“Me ~ 45 years old mom of 3.  My go-to sport is running… actually falls into the jogging pace 🙂  I love “jogging”  I love the cardio workout the ease of lacing up sneakers and not worrying about class schedules and mostly the friendships running has given to me.  On top of running, I have tried all sorts of classes…. body pump, cross-training, yoga, piyo, spin.  I like them all (at first), but never found something that I felt I would stick with.  I never would see a change in my muscle tone or strength.  So, I would always fall back into my running routine- which is awesome, but I have definitely plateaued and hitting mid-40s need to add some strength.

CrossFit…. no way. Am I not strong enough? I can’t do pull-ups, pushups, burpees, box jumps… it is definitely not a place for me.  But my best friend loves it, she is definitely stronger than me, so CrossFit seemed to make sense for her.  She would tell me you can modify, you can scale everything…we live parallel lives, like most of the same things, but I could not see me at CrossFit.  No way it’s so intimidating…. walking into the “box” yikes could never, will never.  Though the tone and muscle strength that the CrossFit doers have is definitely enticing…  Always in the back of my mind as to what it really is like.

July 2017, Timeless CrossFit opens in Franklin.  Oooh close to home, owner and Coach is MC… I love MC, loved her classes at a previous gym I belonged to.  Could this be the “box” I feel comfortable entering…

Yes… I get up the nerve to go visit her gym.  Honestly, my first impression was exactly what I feared… the rigs, the weights, the ropes, rings, bars, boxes,  medicine balls… all the hardcore stuff that scared me.  Yup…. this is an informational visit only, I thought to myself.

Anyone who knows MC knows how incredibly motivating she is and encouraging, honest, and easy to talk with.  I told her…. I “can’t” do any of this stuff not sure it’s for me… but I am interested all the same, so I will listen and decide.   I left thinking “this just may not be the place for me, but if I am to try CrossFit this would be the place to do it”.

I could not get CrossFit off my mind, so a few weeks later  I decided to go to a trial class.  OMG loved it… not intimidating once you are in the “box”.  Ok, semi-sold… I signed up for the On-Ramp Program.

I was not kidding when I said I could not do any of the basic exercises.  MC evaluated me. Yup couldn’t do a true push up. That’s ok MC said, Could barely hang on the bar.  Again… that’s ok. What I thought was a squat was no more than a minimal bend at the knees…. I was starting from square one.  Box jump…ok I will do step ups… barbells… I will stick with PVC pipe and training bar.

My biggest concern with CrossFit like a lot of people is the risk of injury. I think many people fear CrossFit due to the chatter about “oh you will get bulky or injured”.  Not the case at all, if you listen to the coaches and take your time, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.

I have been going for only 2 weeks and I already see improvements in the gym and in the mirror!  I was sore the first week.  My thighs were sorer than after running a marathon… but I continued to go. Each day MC would have stretches and advice on how to do the exercises…. how to modify, how to scale, how to roll out the kinks and stretch the sore muscles.  Come give Timeless CrossFit and Fitness a try, it will be the best health decision you’ve ever made, there’s something for everyone!”


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